Messing Up With Persistence

One of the bigger issues that I see businesses and marketers messing up with is persistence.

Sometimes, getting sales is about persuading someone that you’re worth buying from.

But most scenarios, it’s about being there at the right time. And if you aren’t persistent in your communications with people, then you are leaving major money on the table.

Did you know that only about 3% of any market is actively shopping to buy something right now?

So if you’re consistently opening up new relationships and conversations with your dream customers through solid marketing efforts, the likelihood of them busting out their proverbial credit card on the spot is pretty much zero.

Unless you’re a psychic, you can’t know what the life is like for the person on the other end of your marketing messages that day/week/month.

But if you persistently provide them with value, on that day when they slide from into that 3% that are ready to buy…


Who do you think they’re going to trust with their business?

That’s right, you 🙂

Because you’ve been there all along, building a trustworthy relationship and they are comfortable giving you their hard earned cash.

Implementing this type of persistence is one of the 4 key factors that we go over in our new (free) webinar.

If want to see how to implement that persistent system of valuable information that will build relationships and get you more customers, shoot me a message and I’ll get you the link when it’s ready to go.

About the author Todd

Todd is the Founder and lead Evangelist of Growth Suite.

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